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Understanding Equipment Used for Making Candles – Small Business Magazine

The MARK VIIe is an industrial wax melting machine made by Coogar Products. It’s a complete candle filler that mix and pours. It blends color, fragrance, and wax , creating a unique mix every time, which makes it ideal for commercial usage.
It’s very easy to create an candle. It is a matter of applying heat gently on the wax until it melts. Colors and scents are added to the melting mixture. Once the mixture is ready to pour, the liquid can be poured into the container of your choice or into a mold fitted with the aid of wicks, then allowed to set.
Commercial wax melters must be consistent in both product as well as output. The MARK VIIe candle-filling machine has been tested which is a great fit for small- and larger settings.
The temperature of the liquid wax is controlled one degree Fahrenheit, while colors and scents are added within a fraction of a gram of one gram. A consistent pour allows the maker to manage his production daily. This leads to a reliable, no-waste operation. okkhyjfd2c.

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