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Glaucoma Treatment – Free Health Videos

Glaucoma is an increasingly common problem for older eyes. If you have glaucoma there are many solutions. This article will discuss Glaucoma treatment in this post.

The eye drops provide the first treatment for Glaucoma. Doctors may suggest specific eye drops must be used a couple of times a throughout the day. You can choose from many drops available to treat glaucoma. This all comes down to how severe your situation is.

In the event that eye drops do not fit into the glaucoma treatment that is offered, you could have laser treatments done. This treatment will provide more durable, however it’s going to require you to return and have treatment again within several years.

Last but not least, the final treatment option is surgery. This procedure is normally reserved for patients who are not able to access the initial two treatment options. Eye doctors may be able to perform it or recommend the person who has the ability.

Glaucoma treatment is based on individual cases. This means that different people will require distinct solutions. There are many solutions available, but this is general guidelines.


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