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Incredible Home Heating Tricks – Maine’s Finest

will increase dramatically in winter, when heating costs can be soaring. There are a variety of ways to make your home warmer efficiently, and decrease your costs for heating. These suggestions for heating will be presented in this instructional video.

If the windows of your home are cold then you’re losing heat through the windows. Your HVAC system is forced greater effort in order to maintain the temperature. Be sure that all windows are sealed properly. It will stop cold air from entering your home , and will also help you save money. Also, it is very simple to repair. What you must do is pick up some silicon strips, and glue them along the perimeter of the window pane. The space between the window pane and the wall will be covered with this. Then you can put an end to the cold air by using this technique. Within a matter of minutes and you’ll be saving money in heating bills.

Another tip for windows is slightly less obvious. Even though winter is often cloudy, there are bound to be a few sun-filled days. Make sure your blinds are closed on these sunny days. The sun’s energy will warm the room by letting in more sunlight. This will make your HVAC system less straining.


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