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What Defines a Muscle Car? – Auto Body Collision Repair News

People who love cars with muscle have been enjoying them as long as they were at least 50 years back. But it’s hard to figure out the features that give cars the title of “muscle car.” Below are the traits the experts say a car needs to be considered to be a muscle car.

In the time that the “muscle car” label first began to come into use in the early 1960s, there were three types of automobiles that could be classified as muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang, the Chevy Camaro, and the Dodge Challenger. The important thing to remember is that all of these cars are American.

In the past the definition of what is considered a “muscle” car has changed. At the time, a “muscle” car initially had to belong to one of the models above and have two doors with a V8 engine as well as rear wheel drive. Today, many motor car enthusiasts are more flexible in what they think qualifies as being a “muscle car. In some terms, the most important trait for any muscle car is the capability to operate as a vehicle for everyday life and the car that is used to race.

What ever classifications you apply to your vehicle, the most important factor is to ensure that your car is secure and enjoyable to drive. No matter what kind of automobile is a muscle vehicle. What matters most is that it makes you love the vehicle.


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