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DMX LED Controller Installation – Family Game Night

The lights can be hung just about all over the place, and learning how to do it properly can help your home shine. Controlling lighting is made much easier with the use of a DMX controller.

You will need an electrical stripper as well as the flat-head screwdriver. Also, you’ll need wire cutters. For proper attachment on your DMX controller, you’ll require red, green, and white wires.

Begin by cutting off the cables using wire cutters. You should leave more space for the cables to be capable of connecting to your controller. Then, you can use the wire stripper for removing any coating that is left on the ends of various colored wires. The wire you are exposed to may appear frayed and it’s best to twist the wire.

The control that is labeled “comm” whenever you connect cables. It is a shorthand term for communication. Here is the place in which you’ll find an uncolored wire. The other wires should pass through the R B, G and B areas within the box. It is recommended to minimize the amount of wires that are exposed.

For more details about DMX LED controller creation you can refer to the video.


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