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The Various Avenues of an Orthopedic Specialist – Reference

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Most orthopedic residents select a specialization, with hand surgery being preferred. This would encompass any hand problems or operations that involve hands. There is also a specialty in sports medicine you may be able to engage in. You can find these doctors in the role of team physician on major league and professional athletes. They deal with an array of common athletic accidents, including broken bones , torn muscles and fractured bones.

The next specialty that orthopedic surgeons can choose to specialize in is joint replacement. Generally, this will be knee or hip replacements. Specialists in elbow and shoulder surgery see lots of rotator-cuff tear, most commonly among those working with their arms, or who play sports such as baseball. The field of spinal surgery as a whole, is an area of specialization. It’s distinct from neurosurgeons who work only with the brain and spinal cord.

Each of these routes will require years of training and hard work. Knowing the possibilities in advance can help you to more effectively plan your plans and schedule.


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