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How Does Demulsification Work? – Discovery Videos

Water and oil don’t mix well without a strength. In the case of example, for instance, if you mix a mixer with a purpose that mixes vegetable oil with water for salad dressings, the water and oil won’t mix effectively. It may split when it’s left in the fridge for over a long time. Certain emulsions can be stable and aren’t prone to splitting easily. They can be broken by using special chemicals called demulsifiers.

Mayonnaise is an excellent example of an emulsion that is stable, and its water and oil molecules don’t split because eggs are a source of cholesterol which has the structure to hold both water droplets and oil together. The separation will occur when the cholesterol is eliminated. It’s basically what demulsification involves removal of the structure that links these two polarizing substances. It is often employed to grease systems when oil and water are present. They can occasionally block tubes or pipes.

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