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Top Uses for Custom O Rings – Financial Magazine

c and static applications. A primary purpose of O-rings is to seal different kinds of architectural designs, like pipes, tubes or cylinders. They are created from different material based on the function they serve. O-rings can be used to reduce the leaking or sipping of gases as well as liquids. This video will describe O-rings and the ways they’re employed around the globe.

The common O-ring application fields are medical, transportation, gasoline, food and beverages, and electronics. O-rings are required to resist extreme temperatures and pressures. To stand up to heat and chemicals the O-rings are made of compounds such as peroxide.

O-rings are used in pumps, connectors, and syringes in the medical field for suction to be created in the Syringe. In addition, customized o rings have been helpful in the fields of aerospace, heavy trucking, and passenger automobiles because they can withstand high temperatures and vibrations. O-rings are utilized in the electronic industry for protection from dust as well as aid in semiconductor processing. jb2i2vaiqu.

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