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How Catalog Marketing Can Help Your Business – Business Training Video

Marketing resource. Since the past few years, many enterprises have decided to discontinue their catalogue-based marketing efforts and this can be an enormous mistake. Studies show that printed advertising materials have a greater reaction rate than digital advertisements. Research suggests that customers who are young are especially drawn to this form of advertising.

One reason for the reasons physical media are efficient is because they force clients to confront their reality. One can consider an advertisement online as being less “real” than something you can actually hold in your hands. This is why tools like catalogs more impactful in comparison to alternatives that are digital.

Another way to leverage catalog marketing to your advantage is to give customers a catalogue after visiting your shop. Clients who are happy with their experience will remember the experience and will be motivated to buy more.

Of course, be aware that catalog marketing is higher priced than online marketing. Printing catalogs could cost 50 to 100 times more than marketing via email. So, it’s crucial to budget your expenses before purchasing them.


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