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Find Out If Your Child Has Flat Feet – Family Issues

This video shows you how to tell if your child has flat feet and the pediatric feet treatment that is available now.

A flat foot can be one of the most common health issues for kids. The condition can occur when the arch of the foot has dislodged, and the foot’s heel is dropped. This can result in difficulty walking, or even being limping. If not addressed in the beginning, it may affect the child’s development. The discovery of flat feet before they are too late could help to avoid health complications later in life.

Treatment for foot problems in the pediatric age is beneficial at reducing symptoms for children who have flat feet. A Pediatric therapist should check your child’s walking pattern. It involves sitting on a force plate while both feet are in contact. The results of these tests are then used to develop a customized shoe known as an orthosis.
Surgery is the last option to treat flat feet in children. Surgery is a procedure to alter the ligaments, bones, muscles or tendons as well as foot nerves. These procedures are only performed by physicians only after all alternatives have failed. The procedure is usually required in cases of severe deformities or ongoing issues. The procedure could also be suggested in the event of some other medical conditions. zr5t7hv1s8.

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