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Don’t DIY Pest Contol – Hire a Pest Control Service For Best Results – Chester County Homes

orms. Pest control businesses and homeowners often use this product to control pests and termites. Be cognizant of the risks when deploying boric acid. Boric acid can be used to kill termites, insects as well as roaches. Its delicious taste is appealing to pets and children around the home, so you must be cautious.
2. Fipronil

Fipronil is a different solution to fight insects. It is a chemical pesticide that can be applied to treat a wide range of problems similar to boric acid. It is a great treatment for termites, ants and even adult crickets. Also available in either granules or liquids.

3. Hydramethynon

Another choice is Hydramethynon. Insects like ants silverfish, bugs and termites are all wiped out using this product. The slow-moving action of this product makes it a one-of-a-kind product. Hydramethynon makes insects lethargic and ultimately causes them go to sleep. There is enough time for them in which to return to the colonies and spray again with the pesticide, that will kill all other species.

If your pest problem seems difficult, it is best to talk to pest control professionals. They might offer a chemical remedy or take off your hands. Don’t hesitate to obtain assistance from the latest pest control firms. You can get eco-safe pest control reviews online.


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