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Understanding Different Denominations Of The Christian Church – Madison County Library

Since the church’s founding, a lot of modifications have been made in the church. Since its inception, the Christian church today has a wide range of religious denominations. They have led to an increase in the number of Christian churches worldwide. A lot of Christians have become familiar with different faiths. Each church is distinctive in the way it conducts its business. What is the cause of these divergences. One reason is the church’s governing body who is in charge of shaping the word of God. It is responsible for determining what is real theology, and also how that information is passed onto Christian faithfuls. Theology, Biblical interpretations, communion, worship and ordinance are all subjects that require somebody to have authority. Different protestants may be of different opinion on this.

The Anglicans will be able to recognize that bishops have the ones who have authority. The bishops are the ones who have to take authority on communion and ordinance. Anglican Christians will await guidance from their Bishops. Others Christian religions are of the view that authority lies in the hands of the members of the congregation. It is the congregation that creates the Word of God. These differences between churches show that people have embraced diverse religious views. This is a globalized society which means that everyone has an option to choose which one they believe is appropriate for them. It is their responsibility to consider the values that the church has to offer.


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