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The Importance of Vision Care – Health Advice Now

Isolating your vision.

A standard patient eye exam across the country costs around $200, with reflective tests for vision of roughly $46. If a patient requires glasses, the cost can be as high as $200, or more for customized frames. If a patient has need of Rx Lenses, this can add on about $88. It is also possible to add options like scratch-resistant lenses or reflection lenses, which usually costs around $111 US. In the absence of insurance, imagine paying $65 a year to cover your eyesight.

With standard vision care insurance you can expect to pay about $19.24 per month. The vision insurance policy provides an amount around $175 to cover frames and contacts as well as an eye examination at $15, a fee of $0 from the pocket for a reflection vision test and enhancements, and $25 for Rx Lenses which amounts to around 296 dollars per year in the treatment of vision.

We ask again, is the cost of vision insurance worthwhile? If you wear glasses or contacts and wear glasses, then yes it will be well-worth it. For a monthly average of $19, you could reduce your annual cost by $349 on vision.


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