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What Can Hormone Replacement Therapy do for Infertility? – Reference Books Online

It can, however, be prescribed to females suffering from some infertility issues.

The hormone replacement therapy is beneficial for women who experience regular or irregular menstrual cycles. These hormones regulate the woman’s cycle, which makes it easy for her to determine when she’s at her most fertile. The type of hormone is dependent on the physician and patients’ preferences. Hormones can be administered as pills, via injection, or with vaginal creams.

The hormone can also stimulate the ovaries of women to create greater numbers of eggs. IVF treatment is much more likely to produce the birth of a healthy baby. IVF is a cost-effective procedure which is not covered by insurance. A baby born soon can be very gratifying.

It can have side effects. HRT has been shown to increase the chances of a woman being a victim of a heart or stroke disease. Also, women are more at risk of developing blood clots. In order to determine if HRT is safe for you, you must discuss every aspect of their medical history with their fertility specialist. fqb6vyhbyb.

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