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Preparing Your Dental Practice for Sale – Living History Worldwide

You will be amazed at the benefits of selling a bio-based dental office.
If an agent is representing the seller and buyer, conflict of interest can occur. If you’re selling your biologic dental office without charge, and your agent pays for the fees, your patients won’t receive highest quality care. It’s a sure-fire method to be left out of the most lucrative bargains if you keep your dental practice a secret from the general public.
The efficiency of your business will be scrutinized by potential buyers in the course of selling And in some instances an increase in price was requested to reflect an increase in sales. “Business as normal” is the prevailing mantra up to the point that contracts are exchanged.
The preparation is essential for selling your dental practice Make sure that you’ve got all your agreements, warranties, and licenses in place as soon as possible. You’ll have plenty of time to resolve any issues that come up. To prevent potential deal-breakers which could cause transactions to fall in disarray, it’s important to assess leasehold practice early.
Think about the possibility that some companies might resist offering you an offer. Don’t let a prospective buyer decide on the value of your property.
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