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What Goes On Behind the Scenes of an Alkaline Battery Recycling Company

The video looks at what’s at work in an alkaline battery recycling business.

The company recycles all sorts of batteries starting from the everyday AAA battery and car batteries! The company employs a distinct process of recycling that is one of the most environmentally friendly methods employed across the globe. Each component of the battery is recycled and none goes to landfill.

Only a few battery recycling businesses exist in this country. These companies receive the majority of lithium-ion battery models. Batteries are often shredded, or crushed using the hammer. They are then soaked in a specific type of water, neutralizing electrolytes and making the metal easier to use.

The video contains many fun facts to inform viewers about the amount of battery packs in the United States are actually being used. Every year, Americans buy more than 3 billion dry-cell batteries! u9jrk3nbbk.

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