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What Goes Into a Proper Wheel Repair – How to Fix a Car

To make sure that there is a proper binding and setting of the wheel, the mechanic sets the wheel onto the machine. The machine will also look for bends in the wheel. If the wheel is indeed bent, it’s going to need to be moved to a different portion of the shop known as the straightening section. Within this section, the technician will take measurements of the wheel’s runout in order that he can see exactly where the wheel is bent.

The wheel needs to be straightened prior to when the technician can move forward in the process of cosmetic repair. He will first use an instrument to straighten the wheel. The technician will transfer the wheel into stripping tanks so that they can get rid of any finish or paint. The best shops use chemical solutions to strip paint and finish and without damaging aluminum.

For wheels that are older, the machine sanding step will be the next step. When repairs are made cleaning and dried. Powder coating and polishing processes are completed prior to the wheel going on the next phase of getting painted.

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