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What Is Dental Implant Surgery Really Like? – Free Health Videos

They must be put into the jawbone. Implant surgery is more complicated than a root canal. Learn more about this procedure on Gebrider Metz Medical Animation.

Dental implants can be acquired in four easy stages. Consultation with your dentist is one of them. General dentists tend to be trained in dental implant surgery, but you may need to go to an oral surgeon or periodontist. For you to be considered for dental implant surgery, you need to be healthy and free from any health issues.

The second step is to obtain medical tests, like X-rays and scans like a CT scan to make the 3-D image of your mouth. This helps ensure that the implant will fit comfortably.

The final step is the actual surgery, which entails drilling a hole into your jaw for the implant. A temporary abutment and crown are inserted.

Fourthly, you’ll have to obtain the crown and permanent abutment. The process takes about a couple of months, in order to confirm that the implant has been incorporated to the jawbone. Additionally, it takes time for the implant to heal. n16kkl2x29.

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