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How to Buy a Minecraft Server Hosting Service – Daily Inbox

You may also have found that it is too technically advanced for you so you’d prefer an Minecraft server hosting service to manage everything. In this video it will teach you what you need to do to purchase a Minecraft server from beginning through to ensure that it is easy to set up and playing with your buddies.

The first step is to select a host. Instructions will differ based of the service you choose. After that, you’ll need to pick which service you want to choose. There is a cost increase for an additional server. Once you’ve completed your purchase look in your mail for the IP address and username details in order to log into the server. It’s simple to join the server, by adding it in the multiplayer tab. After that, you can start signing up using the IP address which you were provided in your email. Use the login information on the hosting website to manage the server. 3cfe3ps19b.

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